Our Mission & Philosophy

Oak Crest Preschool...

honors the unique ways in which young children grow and learn.

Our Mission

  • To provide an atmosphere which allows children to achieve their full potential through relationships that are built on trust, honesty and empathy.
  • To establish partnerships with parents and community organizations in order to develop continuity in the child’s experiences at home and in school.
  • To meet the growing needs of the community by providing young children with a quality preschool experience which addresses the whole child through an enriched environment.
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Our Philosophy

Oak Crest Preschool’s philosophical beliefs are guided by Developmentally Appropriate Practices. We promote interactive learning that encourages a child’s construction of knowledge.

Oak Crest Preschool’s purpose is to provide an environment which will help children . . .

Develop a positive self-concept and attitude toward learning, self-control and a sense of belonging.

  • Develop curiosity about the world, confidence as a learner, creativity, imagination, and personal initiative.
  • Develop relationships of mutual trust and respect with adults and peers.
  • Understand and respect social and cultural diversity.
  • Represent ideas and feelings through pretend play, drama, dance, movement, music, art and construction.
  • Develop thinking, reasoning, decision-making and problem solving abilities.