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One Year Old Program

Toddler Introduction

Playing with toddlers is delightful. These little ones are affectionate, assertive, bouncy, challenging, curious, enchanting, energetic, funny, independent, joyful, lovable, nosey, observant, precious, self-confident, squirmy, surprising, and unpredictable.

The very beset way to develop a young child’s brain connection is to give children what they need, which is an environment that is interesting to explore, that is safe, and that is filled with people who will respond to their emotional and intellectual needs. Brain research supports what we already know: young children need loving, supportive people in their lives who will sing to them, hug them, talk to them, read to them, not flash cards in their faces. All of the activities and games in the toddler class develop the brain capacity of these toddlers. They are the building blocks for future learning – a good solid beginning for little ones and enjoyable at the same time.

We believe that children grow and learn by asking them meaningful questions; by exposing them to a variety of experiences, activities, and toys; and of course, by giving them love and security.

Toddler Development Areas

Language Enrichment

Cognitive Development

Social-Emotional Development

Physical Development

Toddler Curriculum

We are excited about helping to “grow” the brains of these lovely human beings by playing meaningful games with them. This is implemented through singing, dancing, rocking, talking, cuddling, smelling, or tasting, through which this encourages the pathway of the brain to make new connections.

These active explorers are also at a prime age for the development of fine and gross motor skills. Once they are on their feet, they will learn to hop, run, jump, gallop, and skip as they practice and perfect the skill of using their legs and feet. Their little hands that struggled to grasp during their first year of life will learn to thread beads, operate toys, move a crayon to create an image, turn a ball of play dough into a snake, and build towers as high as they are tall.

Toddler are in the most fertile time of their lives for language development. They are absorbing the sounds and meaning of words, developing language skills and their applications. This is obtained through a print rich environment enhancing and developing language surrounding all areas of development.

Experiences in the areas of social and emotional development is extremely important at this age. They will move from solitary play and total dependence to understanding the subtle nuances of cooperative play and power of independence. They will learn how to control their impulses and how to communicate their desires effectively.

One of the most neglected areas of toddler development is problem solving. These little ones are eager to solve their own problems. They just need to opportunity to try in a safe and secure environment. Early brain research indicates that the wiring for problem solving is established during the first four years of live.